Growing relationships through faith is the mission of our church. By joining an OIKOS, a small group of 6-12 people living out life together, you'll build stronger relationships withIN our membership, which will translate into stronger relationships UP with God, and OUT in our community. OIKOS groups are formed around areas of town, or areas of interest. Each group has a designated leader to guide the group, lead any bible studies, and keep the group meeting regularly. Beyond that, each group operates in its own unique way. Some groups that have formed in the past year meet weekly to enjoy a family-style meal in the comfort of someone’s home. Others are activity-focused and enjoy getting OUT in the community to experience new things and meet new people. In 2018, our OIKOS groups will all incorporate volunteer opportunities to meet the needs of those in our local community, in line with our mission for 2018 to give more than 100,000 service hours.

Whatever your passion, where ever your location, there’s a group eager to welcome you! Pastor Josh oversees all OIKOS groups and leaders, and is always glad to help guide you to a good fit. Call the office at 775-825-0588 to find yours today!