What should I wear?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you. We are a relaxed and flexible group with some wearing suits while others wear shorts. It's a welcoming atmosphere.

 What does a typical service look like?

  • Worship: Worship in the Lutheran church is unique. Many times, people think that worship services are about what we offer God (our praise, devotion, money, etc.). However, we follow ancient liturgical settings which focus on the altar as the means by which God offers us forgiveness, grace, and mercy. That is why, in our worship, we focus on the altar and everything that comes from it, not everything that goes to it.
    • Therefore, we believe it's crucially important to us as individuals and as a community to come together as the church to receive the blessings of God weekly.
    • We offer traditional settings, blended contemporary, and blended folk settings, and a modern setting for weekly worship services.
  • Communion: One of the biggest blessings of our worship is the reception of Communion (Lord's Supper, Eucharist) which is where our members receive the forgiveness of sins in Christ's body and blood unified in theology, doctrine, and belief. It binds us together in the grace of God. People who are new to the church, or have questions about our Communion practices or beliefs, are invited to come forward with everyone else to the rail to receive a blessing from the Pastors, but to abstain from taking the bread and wine.
    • If it's your first time at a communion service, just keep your eyes on the ushers who will help you get where you need to go, and the Pastors who will tell you what to do.
    • We typically offer Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.
  • Offering: Offering (the passing of the plate) is the time when individuals who are bought into the ministry that God is doing in and through St. Lukes tithe 1/10th of their income to Him. It is not required to give the entire tithe at your home congregation, many members diversify their tithe to into their church, other ministries, Christian schools, and missionaries. Yet, if your heart and labor is part of a specific congregation, it is important to ask God's blessing of these gifts to this ministry.
    • (Malachi 3:10) "Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need."
  • Sermons: Sermons serve as the verbal teaching within the proclamation of the Gospel for our weekly services. It is encouraged to bring a Bible (or use the Bible in the pew) and to take notes to digest later.

 What should I bring?

You are welcome to bring a Bible to follow along with the sermon, you can also use the copy in the pew. We also have sermon notes available on the YouVersion app which you can download on your smart device. (look for the sermon notes under the events tab within the app)

 How long are services?

Our first service is typically an hour and ten minutes and our 11:00 am service is usually a little shorter. It depends on the number of people in attendance and whether or not it is a communion Sunday.

 Where do my children go?

Nursery care is available during the first service for ages 0-4, if parents would like to use it. The nursery is located just to the right of the main door as you enter the church. One of our caring volunteers will be happy to greet you and your child and answer any questions you may have.

Children 0-2 are welcome to join us for Sing 'N Sprout in the nursery after the first service. It is a chance for them to grow with God through music and movement.

Children 3 years of age to 6th grade are encouraged to join us for Faith's Odyssey: An Adventure Through Time after the first service. It is an immersive Sunday school program that we are excited to share with all children.

 Where do I go for help once I get there?

There are many different groups of people that would love to say hi and assist you in any way they can. Most often, our volunteers can be recognized by the name tags they will be wearing.
  • Our greeters will be opening the doors for you as you enter the church.
  • Our ushers will be just inside the door with the bulletins that guide you through the service.
  • If it is your first time visiting us, we'd love for you to stop by the welcome table just inside the door so we can greet you personally and give you a small welcome gift.

Sunday Schedule

  • 8:00 am Worship
  • 9:10 am Coffee Hour
  • 9:10 am Sing 'N Sprout Nursery Program
  • 9:15 am Faith's Odyssey, Children's Opening (Sept-May)
  • 9:30 am Modern Worship Service
  • 9:30 am Adult Education Hour (Sept-May)
  • 11:00 am Worship

*Nursery care for children 4 and under is available during first service.

Education Hour

Many different classes are offered Sept-May

  • Sing 'N Sprout Nursery Program
    • Age 0-2
  • Faith's Odyssey (Sunday School)
    • Age 3-6th Grade
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • Women's Bible Study
  • Adult Bible Study