Tithes and Offerings

St. Lukes is pleased to offer a variety of convenient ways to tithe and provide monetary offerings to the Lord and His church. We have signed up with Vanco Payment Solutions to provide online and mobile options in addition to our traditional options. Whatever method you choose, remember to give with a happy heart. Follow the instructions below to get started. You can also call the office with questions and they can get you to someone who can help.
Methods for Giving
In person: Cash or check, the tried and true method will always be accepted. Simply bring your offerings to church on Sunday and place them in the offering basket. Offering envelopes will only be provided if requested. Please sign up on the list available in the narthex before December 1st to request your envelopes for the next year.
Online: ACH (eChecks), credit, and debit cards are a simple online/mobile method. Simply click the “online offerings” button above,  and provide your checking account information or your credit/debit card information and a payment is made to the church. This can be done one­ time or, if you sign up, on a recurring schedule that fits with your financial needs. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards can be used. For ACH (eCheck) transactions, St. Lukes pays the low fee so there is no cost to you. For credit/debit cards, St. Lukes will cover the fee (3% of the total amount). However, you can optionally choose to help offset this fee at the time of payment.
Your Bank’s “Bill pay” Service: Some banks allow you to send money to people or pay bills using what is collectively known as a “bill pay” service. These services vary per bank, but most will send a check in the mail to the church address on your behalf. Just make sure the service puts your name on it so that we can properly enter it for our records. Most of these services allow you to do recurring or scheduled payments easily. St. Lukes is not affiliated with these services in anyway. If there is a fee for this service, you will have to discuss that with your bank.