About Leadership Ministries
St. Lukes has a handful of ministries centered around the general well-being of our congregation. If you’d like to explore a leadership position, please reach out to the various groups below to find out how you can get involved.
Board of Property Managers
Managed by the Property Chair on our Church Council, the BPM meet monthly to make decisions on behalf of the congregation for property maintenance and improvement projects on our physical property.
Church Council
Consisting of 10 officers elected to staggered two-year terms, these members serve as a governing board to our congregation, overseeing all operations.
Consisting of 10 faithful men who serve the spiritual needs of our congregation and community, every member of our congregation is assigned an Elder to support them on their journey through faith with St. Lukes.
Ruth Guild
An adjunct of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, our Ruth Guild tends to the atlar, meets monthly for fellowship and prayer, conducts service projects, and supports ministries.
Welcome Team
As we invite visitors into our church, a personal connection goes a long way in building a lasting relationship. The Welcome Team helps create and implement new ways to make visitors feel welcome. This is a great way to meet new people!