St. Lukes Roots

In this two-part series, discover the strong roots upon which our church was built and see how those roots continue to grow our relationships through faith.
In the first workshop, LUTHERAN ROOTS, we’ll introduce you to Lutheranism and discuss the key doctrine that shaped the church as we know it today. At the end of this class, you’ll have the teaching required for adult confirmation and baptism, if desired.
The second part of this workshop, LAYING DOWN ROOTS, will get you more acquainted with St. Lukes Lutheran Church. Learn how to create a profile and use my St. Lukes to help discover your heart for ministry. We’ll explore our various ministry groups, look at annual fellowship events, and discuss how you fit in to our mission and vision for the year ahead. Upon completing both sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to become a member of our church community.
These workshops are ideal for those new to our church, or current members wanting to know more about our history or looking for new ways to connect. You’re welcome to attend just one session, as it fits your personal interests.
Each workshop will be held in Classroom N-2 located at the north end of the Fellowship Hall. Please pack a lunch.
Our next workshop for St. Lukes Roots is MAY 30 from 8 am – 4 pm. We plan to offer these workshops three times a year in case this date doesn’t fit your schedule. Please email to reserve your spot or sign up on the bulletin board in the Narthex.


Do I have to come to both workshops?

No. The Lutheran Roots workshop is necessary for adult confirmation, baptism, and membership into a Lutheran church. The Laying Down Roots workshop is necessary for transfers from other Lutheran churches and new people looking to join the membership. Please sign up to attend one or both.

Do I have to be new to attend a workshop?

No. If you have been a Lutheran or part of our faith community for a long time but want to have a refresher or grow in your faith, then I strongly encourage you to attend the Lutheran Roots class. If you are a bit fuzzy on all the new things, the vision, goals, values, my St. Lukes, or anything we are working towards in ministry, then Laying Down Roots would be a great workshop to attend.

What if I’m not sure I want to become a member or am not even a Lutheran? Should I come?

Yes. These workshops are non-committal. The Lutheran Roots class is designed to help you figure out what your beliefs are. If they jive with Lutheranism, cool. If not, we can also help connect you to a place you feel comfortable. Laying Down Roots is a chance to hear the vision and values of this faith community, to find your own place in the bigger picture, and to help you get excited. If it’s not what you are looking for, we will do everything to help you find a place to call home!

Will there be childcare?

Not Yet. We currently do not plan to offer childcare during these workshops; however, if there is a need, I’m sure we can help meet it! Call Pastor Josh 870-321-6157.