At the Core of who we are is our relationship with Jesus Christ as the shepherd of our community.
Through Him we come into authentic and vibrant relationship with each other.
With this in mind, we have redefined the values of our Church with a focus on growing relationships through faith.
We call them UP, IN, and OUT.
UP is our relationship with God. This usually involves prayer, worship, singing, engaging the Scriptures, receiving communion, Baptism etc. It is in our UP relationship that God continually reminds us who we are as His children, and how He created us to relate to others.
IN is our relationships with other followers of Jesus. This usually involves spending time in the UP relationship together in many different settings, doing things together, spending time with each other, accountability, encouragement, and a healthy balance of involvement in the life of St Lukes and our city. Followers of Jesus are the church, we are one as Christ and the Father are one. (Jn 17:22)
OUT is our relationships with others. We believe Christians are allowed to be friends with people with different faith backgrounds! (Yep, we are serious!) We also believe that God shows us in our UP relationship that our relationships with followers and others don’t really look that different. This usually involves social activities, serving around the city, and living to love people in our regular, daily lives. God did not call us to only be inward focused. Rather he calls us to connect the disconnected people to His unconditional love.