Worship Arts

About Worship Arts
From traditional arts to technical arts, there are plenty of ways to get involved in our Worship Arts program.
Artist Showcase 
An exciting addition to our department, St. Lukes Artist Showcase gives you an opportunity to share your gifting for the visual arts in our art show. We have up to four shows a year, all based around the current sermon series. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.
AV Team 
A growing part of our Worship Arts department, audio and visual arts includes audio specialists, photographers, videographers, and presentation specialists, as well as those who enjoy traditional art forms. So many moments to capture and ways to express!
Providing special music for traditional services, as well as high holidays throughout the year, handbells offers a unique opportunity to serve, no experience necessary!
Motions Team 
This group provides motions in efforts to make worship accessible for all, even those who can’t read or don’t enjoy singing. Use American Sign Language, watch motions tutorials or make up your own moves – there’s plenty of room for you and your creativity!
St. Lukes Singers
Inspiring worship through song, accessible to age 14+, no experience needed, our choir provides special music for special services throughout the year.
Worship Team
This group of talented artists leads the music at our Modern service.  Click here to learn more about our audition process.
Youth Ensemble
A creative way for children and youth to get involved in Worship Arts, this group performs at select services throughout the year dancing, singing and acting. 
If you are interested in getting involved in our Worship Arts program, please email brittany@stlukesreno.org.